Our Platform

We provide post-investment support and services that address the most pressing areas of need for early-stage founders, offering the tools and relationships they need to build their brands and scale.


Portfolio companies


With deep connections in the NY, SF, LA tech ecosystems and beyond, our team can expand your network with our own. From founder-to-founder and function-specific introductions to vetted vendors and prospective business development and partnerships opportunities, we’ll make connections to support your growth.


Across workshops, social events, and our annual summit, we facilitate knowledge sharing and new connections. Our events focus on founders and CEOs but also CTOs, COOs, content leaders, people managers and other functional leaders to support network building and continuous education as your company scales.


We teach you the science of recruiting to help you find, hire, and retain top talent through introductions, tactical content, direct hiring, parachuting-in programs, and people consultation—saving you precious time and resources.


Portfolio events each year


Whether you run a company focused on enterprise solutions, consumer products, or emerging technology, we can help you hone your message and amplify your voice. Coupling advice on brand positioning and messaging strategy with instructive original content, educational workshops, introductions, and community resources, we support early-stage companies through launch and beyond.