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‘Every Firm Is Talking About It’: Venture Capital Is Having Its New York Moment

Forbes Thursday, December 9th 2021

Caitlin Strandberg, LH Partner, discusses the rise in venture activity in New York. She said she hopes more investors in town will lead to more collaboration, not less: “For me personally, it all means many more coffee meetings.”


Forbes Wednesday, December 1st 2021

LH founders and operators Naomi Shah (Meet Cute), Michael Tom (Radiate), Josh Benamran (, Hunter Morris (Hello Cake), Alayna Treene (Axios), Olamide Olowe (Topicals), Sam Terris (Simulate), and LH Investment Associate, Meagan Loyst, all made this year's list.

Why Head Of Platform Continues To Be One Of The Most Important Roles At A VC Firm

Forbes Wednesday, November 17th 2021

"It's clear that funds having strong platform teams has become more important than ever", said Emily Libresco, LH's Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications.

Scoop: VC firm Lerer Hippeau Names Four Women Partners

Yahoo Thursday, May 27th 2021

The new partners are: Andrea Hippeau, Caitlin Strandberg, Isabelle Phelps, and platform director Stephanie Manning Cohen.

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